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Using The Power Of Imagination For Persuasive Salesmanship

power of imagination for persuasive salesmanshipSometimes when you introduce a product to a prospect, he may resist your attempt to sell him.

Now, just because he is showing some objections, doesn’t necessarily mean that he may not like your product.

Often, he may just not be immediately aware of how the product can help him. His mind is closed.

If you are a salesman, it’s your job to open up his mind on the various possibilities on how the product can benefit him.

We want to paint a nice picture for him to imagine. For him to feel it. And actually using it, reaping all the rewards in the process.

That’s utilizing the power of imagination for you, my friend.

Let’s take an example to illustrate my point, shall we?

Say you are persuading your prospect to buy a life insurance for himself…

You can get him to imagine the following scenarios

  • What if he falls ill? Who will take care of him…?
  • What if he loses his job because of his illness? How will he support himself? And what about his family? Who will put food on the table for them…?