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The Need For “Proof”

business "proof" Whether you are doing online or offline sales, the main question your prospects will ask is why should they trust you?

Why should they engage your service? Or buy your product?


The biggest obstacle to getting the sale is displaying adequate proof.

Proof that you are able to do what you say you can do.

Proof that it is safe to do business with you. Proof that there will little to no risk.

I’ve lost sales before. I’ve made unconvincing presentation too. Because I failed to show enough proof. So don’t repeat the same mistakes I made.

Here are a few good ways to ramp up your “proofs”:

  • Display successful case studies – how, who what, when, why – explain in specific terms how your service/product has helped…
  • Testimonials – better to let a 3rd party brag for you…
  • Show videos/images/pictures (optical proof) of results/products – People are visual creature. They tend to believe more when they see…
  • Show relevant certifications – I’m talking about security certifications… educational certifications…industry accredited certifications and so on…