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10 May 2008 @ 8am


101 Greatest Headlines You Can Model For Your Sales Copy

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101 Greatest HeadlinesAny good marketer worth his salt will tell you that one of the most important, if not the most important, aspect of a sales copy is….the headline.

The headline is the first thing a prospect see when he looks at an advertisement. The headline is the advertisement…FOR the advertisement.

If you don’t grab the attention of your prospect there and then, he is gonna leave. Period.

And precisely because of this, copywriters spend hours tweaking the headlines, split testing different versions, to determine which gives the best conversion rate.

You will be surprised just how much a good headline can out-pull a less attention-grabbing variant (with all else being equal e.g. benefit, offer, guarantee etc).

What makes a good headline? We are looking at something that incorporate the one of the following (or a combination of them) :

  • Compelling benefit for prospects (What’s in it for me?)
  • Curiosity factor (cliff hanger style…)
  • Personalization (YOU.., your name…)
  • Specificity (exact numbers and figures)
  • Thought-inducing (What if you can…? What if you are able…? If I tell you that you can do….?)

I’m gonna leave you with the a list of the 100 Greatest Headlines - compiled by Jay Abraham - one of the most renowned marketing consultant in the world.

Read through them and see how many of them incorporates the above pointers. And you will know what I mean.

Do let me know which of these headlines you like the best. And why. Enjoy!

1. "The Secret Of Making People Like You"

2. "A Little Mistake That Cost A Farmer $3,000 A Year…"

3. "Advice To Wives Whose Husbands Don’t Save Money - By A Wife"

4. "The Child Who Won The Heart Of All"

5. "Are/Were You Ever Tongue-Tied At A Party?"

6. "How A New Discovery Made A Plain Girl Beautiful"

7. "How To Win Friends And Influence People"

8. "The Last 2 Hours Are The Longest And Those Are The 2 Hours You Save"

9. "Who Else Wants A Screen Star Figure?"

10. "Do You Make These Mistakes In English?"

11. "Why Some Foods "Explode" In Your Stomach?"

12. "Hands That Look Lovelier In 24 Hours - Or Your Money Back!"

13. "You Can Laugh At Money Worries If You Follow This Simple Plan"

14. "Why Some People Almost Always Make Money In The Stock Market"

15. "When Doctors "Feel Rotten", This Is What They Do…"

16. "It Seems Incredible That You Can Offer These Signed Original Etchings - For Only $5 Each."

17. "Five Familiar Skin Troubles - Which Do You Want To Overcome?"

18. "Which Of These $2.50 To $5 Best Sellers Do You Want - For Only $1 Each?"

19. "Whoever Heard Of A Woman Losing Weight - And Enjoying 3 Delicious Meals At The Same Time"

20. "How I Improve My Memory In One Evening…"

21. "Discover The Fortune That Lies Hidden In Your Salary."

21. "Doctors Prove 2 Out Of 3 Women Can Have More Beautiful Skin In 14 Days"

22. "How I Made A Fortune With A "Fool Idea"…"

23. "How Often Do You Hear Yourself Saying: "No, I Haven’t Read It: I’ve Been Meaning To!"

24. "Thousands Have This Priceless Gift - But Never Discover It!"

25. "Whose Fault When Children Disobey?"

26. "How A "Fool Stunt" Made Me A Star Salesman"

27. "Have You  Had These Symptoms Of Exhaustion?"

28. "How A New Kind Of Clay Improved My Complexion In 30 Minutes."

29. "161 Ways To A Man’s Heart - In This Fascinating Book For Cooks."

30. "Profit That Lie Hidden In Your Farm."

31. "Is The Life Of A Child Worth $1 To You?"

32. "Everywhere Women Are Raving About This Amazing New Shampoo!"

33. "Do You Do Any Of These Ten Embarrassing Things?"

34. "Six Types Of Investors - Which Group Are You In?"

35. "How To Take Out Stains … Use (Product Name) And Follow These Easy Directions"

36. "Today .. Add $10,000 To Your Estate - For The Price Of A New Hat."

37. "Does You Child Ever Embarrass You?"

38. "Is Your Home Picture-Poor?"

39. "How To Give Your Children Extra Iron - These 3 Delicious Ways…"

40. "To People Who Want To Write - But Can’t Get Started."

41. "This Almost Magical Lamp Lights Highway Turns Before You Make Them."

42. "The Crimes We Commit Against Our Stomach."

43. "Thousands Have Benefited From This Special……., Have You?"

44. "They Laughed When I Sat Down At The Piano - But When I Started To Play…"

45. "Throw Away Your Oars/ Sack Your Boss…"

46. "How To Do Wonders With A Little Land!"

47. "Who Else Wants Light Cake - In Half The Mixing Time?"

48. "Pierced By 301 Nails… Retains Full Air Pressure."

49. "No More Back-Breaking Garden Chores For Me - Yet Ours Is Now The Show Place Of The Neighbourhood"

50. "To Men Who Want To Quit Work Someday."

51. "How To Plan Your house To Suit Yourself."

52. "Call Back These Great Moments At The Opera."

53. "Lost My Bulges…And Saved Money Too!"

54. "Right And Wrong Farming Methods - And Little Pointers That Will Increase Your Profits"

55. "New Cake-Improver Gets Your Compliments Galore…"

56. "Imagine Me…Holding An Audience Spellbound For 30 Minutes…"

57. "This Is Marie Antoinette - Riding To Her Death."

58. "Did You Ever See A "Telegram" From Your Heart?"

59. "Now Anyone ….Can Do The Job For You."

60. "New Shampoo Leaves Your Hair Smoother - Easier To Manage"

61. "It’s A Shame/Pity For You Not To Make Good Money - When These Men Do It So Easily"

62. "Thousands Now Play When They Never Thought They Could."

63. "Great New Discovery Kills Kitchen Odors Quick - Makes Indoor Air "Country-Fresh"

64. "Announcing….The New Edition Of The Encyclopedia That Makes It Fun To Learn Things"

65. "For The Women Who Is Older Than She Looks."

66. "Here’s A Quick Way To Break Up A Cold."

67. "76 Reason Why It Should Have Paid You To Answer Our ADA Few Months Ago."

68. "Suppose This Happened On Your Wedding Day!"

68. "Are We A Nation Of Low-Brows?"

69. "What Everybody Ought To Know… About This Stock And Bonds Business."

70. "Money Saving Bargains From America’s Oldest Diamond Discount House."

71. "Greatest Gold-Mine Of Easy "Things To Make" Ever Crammed Into One Big Book."

72. "17,000 blooms from a single plant."

73. "In two seconds, Bayer aspirin begins to dissolve in your glass."

74. "Six times whiter washes"

75. "Melts away ugly fat."

76. "Tastes like you just picked it."

77. "At 60 miles per hour, the loudest noise in the Rolls-Royce is the electric clock."

78. "They laughed when I sat down - but when I started to play…"

79. "How a bald headed barber saved my hair…"

80. "Shrinks hemorrhoids without surgery."

81. "9 out of 10 decorators use Wundaweave Carpets for long life at low cost."

82. "Relives congestion in all 7 nasal passages instantly."

83. "Here’s what you do to get rid of pimples fast."

84. "Before Wheezo hay fever medication made you drowsy - with Wheezo you can have relief and be alert."

85. "Announcing: Guided missile spark plugs."

86. "Ours Alone! Persian lamb originals - only $15.40."

87. "Does she or doesn’t she - only her hair dresser knows for sure.."

88. "Would you believe it? I have a cold!"

89. "Pour yourself a new engine."

90. "Starting July 5th - the Atlantic Ocean becomes only 1/5th wide."

91. "Floats fat right out of your body."

92. "What everybody ought to know about the stock and bond business."

93. "Aunt Mary, who never married…"

94. "When you’re weary with daytime fatigue, take Alka Seltzer."

95. "Don’t invest one cent of your hard-earned money until your check this guide."

96. "If you can count to eleven, you can increase your speed and skill at numbers.."

97. "The difference in premium gasoline is in the additives."

98. "See what happens when you crush our executive baggage - nothing!"

99. "If you’ve already taken your vacation, don’t read this. It will break your heart."

100. "It took 24 years and genetic engineering to make this product possible."

101. "This is so powerful that it is almost illegal…"

All Success,


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