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25 September 2009 @ 1am


How To Write Captivating Headlines With The Help Of A Certain "Social Network"

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Are you spending hours mulling over a perfect headline?

Fret not. Here’s an instant headline idea generator…

Go to Digg.com

If you want to write a headline regarding "weight loss",
go to the search bar and key in the keyword accordingly.


And there you go.

A full page of "most dugg" (and compelling) headlines you can
immediately swipe for your articles, blog posts and sales letters.



Pretty neat eh?

All success,

P.S If you want "proven" and "battle-tested" headline
ideas, go to HardToFindAds.com

In there, you will find hundreds of promotional campaigns
written by legendary copywriters such as Eugene Schwartz,
Gary Halbert and John Carlton.

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