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16 February 2008 @ 8am

Psychological Triggers

How To Use Your Audience’s Fear To Your Marketing’s Advantage

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fearFor those who play stocks, you might be familiar with this saying.

"Stocks take the stairs on the way up… and the elevator on the way down."

Don’t believe me?

Just pick any stocks in the market and observe how long it takes for it to reach it’s all time high, and then take a look at the time it takes to drop back to the bottom or at least to half of it.

More often than not - it literally takes the elevator down! Back to square one!

What does this show?

One word - FEAR!

In marketing, we can take advantage of this very fear element of your prospects to your profit.


Remember the following…

The Fear Of Loss Is Greater Than The Desire For Gain

Everyone loves to win something. But they hate losing even more.

It’s all nice presenting the benefits and how your prospects can gain when they take up your product or services.

All well and good. You touch on their emotion. You make them feel positive.


Negative emotions work powerfully too!

Induce the fear factor!

Let them know how much they stand to LOSE if they do not take up what you are selling.

Let them know that they are losing out to their competitors…

Let them know they are losing money…

Let them know they are failing in terms of quality…

Just do whatever it takes to tell them they are losing something!

Fear works very well when you want your prospect to ACT NOW too!

When you tell your prospects that there is only a certain amount of quantity left, or that the price will rise very soon after a certain dateline, or that the bonuses are good only for the first 10 buyers, you are making use of their fear of loss to induce an action immediately!

That’s how powerful the emotion of fear is!

Use it. Don’t not fear the fear factor. Profit from it instead - like how the best copywriters and salesmen in the world do.

Just think over it.

As usual, let me know what are your thoughts on this. I’m all ears!

All Success,


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