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1 September 2009 @ 7am

Psychological Triggers, Salesmanship

Don’t Sell The Steak. Sell The Sizzle.

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sell the sizzle. Not steak. Sell the benefits. Not features. This is a great quote from the great copywriter, Elmer Wheeler.

Basically, as humans, we are all emotional creatures. A lot of what we do are driven by emotions. And you will include buying decision in that.

Emotions are what we made us buy. And then we use logic to justify the purchase.

Therefore, if you can appeal successful to your prospect’s emotions…and press his hot buttons repeatedly…you are going to get his business.

So what can spark off his emotions, you may ask?

The short answer is put your focus on “benefits”.

Elmer Wheeler, calls this selling the “sizzle”.

“WHAT WE MEAN by the “sizzle” is the BIGGEST selling point in your proposition – the MAIN reasons why your prospects will want to buy. The sizzling of the steak starts the sale more than the cow ever did, though the cow is, of course, very necessary!

Hidden in everything you sell, whether a tangible or an intangible, are “sizzles.” Find them and use them to start the sale. Then, after desire has been established in the prospect’s thinking, you can bring in the necessary technical points.

The good waiter realizes he must sell the bubbles – not the champagne. The grocery clerk sells the pucker – not the pickles, the whiff – not the coffee. It is the tang in the cheese that sells it!

The insurance man sells PROTECTION, not cost per week. Only the butcher sells the cow and not the sizzle, yet even he knows that the promise of the sizzle brings him more sales of his better cuts.”

Wise words indeed.

To illustrate further, consider this:

  • Don’t sell the toothpaste. Sell the captivating smile.
  • Don’t sell the house. Sell the warm fuzzy feeling of a home.
  • Don’t sell the software. Sell how much time and money it can save for you.
  • Don’t sell the fast luxury car. Sell him the convenience, and his need for REAL speed!

Get the drift?

Appeal to his inner desires, and reach deep down into his longings. Explain it to him better than he can explain it himself.

And then make him imagine it in a way only he can. With that, I guarantee you, the sale will be in the bag.

Applicable to both copywriting and offline salesmanship.

What do you think? Let me know your comments below.

All success,

Jag Foo

Jag Foo


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