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26 July 2008 @ 8am


Using The Power Of Imagination For Persuasive Salesmanship

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power of imagination for persuasive salesmanshipSometimes when you introduce a product to a prospect, he may resist your attempt to sell him.

Now, just because he is showing some objections, doesn’t necessarily mean that he may not like your product.

Often, he may just not be immediately aware of how the product can help him. His mind is closed.

If you are a salesman, it’s your job to open up his mind on the various possibilities on how the product can benefit him.

We want to paint a nice picture for him to imagine. For him to feel it. And actually using it, reaping all the rewards in the process.

That’s utilizing the power of imagination for you, my friend.

Let’s take an example to illustrate my point, shall we?

Say you are persuading your prospect to buy a life insurance for himself…

You can get him to imagine the following scenarios

  • What if he falls ill? Who will take care of him…?
  • What if he loses his job because of his illness? How will he support himself? And what about his family? Who will put food on the table for them…?
  • Will there still be money to put his kids through school…?
  • Will he have any money to pay the hospital bills…?
  • With a life insurance, everything concerning his life will be covered. He is protected. His family is protected. No more worries…
  • Is paying a few dollars a day worth it for a peace of mind of complete protection? Or he rather stay with the risk of financial ruin when he gets sick…?

Alright…let’s stop here.

Can you see where I’m getting at? Looking at the scenario descriptions above, can you see that we want to get your prospect to imagine what are the repercussions if he doesn’t get the life insurance?

And also how he will be able to get a peace of mind if he does?

By asking him to imagine, you are letting him paint the picture for himself in a wayONLY he can. You just guide him along that path with the initial description.

To make this even more realistic, you may want to prepare a video of sick patients and their family. And you present that to him.

When he can see and hear, it would be even more persuasive. This is a common tactic that charity drives often use to ramp up the donations.

They appeal to the audience’s emotion by making them see for themselves and imagining.

This is very powerful, whether you use it in your sales presentation or copywriting.

You have any thoughts on this? As usual, let’s share it with everyone here.

All Success,


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