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12 January 2008 @ 8am


We Went In Empty Handed, But Came Out…

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sales markeringYou know what? I actually typed out a whole long entry for this. But I wiped them off on second thoughts. Too long-winded.

So now, I’m just going to go in to the meat. Straight to the point.

In the last entry, I talked about an encounter with a cab driver in Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia, during our holiday there. And how we persuaded him to lower his cab fare.

Got some nice comments and email feedbacks. I thank you folks for that - from the bottom of my heart!

Today, I want to talk about something else. I want to talk about a trip to a store (a chocolate boutique) during the same trip in KL, whereby we went in empty handed, but came out….you guessed it…FULL of products!



1. Personal Attention

The shop assigned a staff to us. Specially for us.

He tended to us, catered to our questions. Brought us around. Let us try various chocolate samples. Even letting us try more on our request. Carried our basket as well.

And finally also completed the payment for us.

Fantastic service!


2. Great Product

Their chocolates tasted heavenly! The durian chocs was the one that REALLY got us hooked.

My my…

Absolutely sinfully…….GOOOOOOOOOD!

Your sales can be good, but if your product sucks - the business fails all the same. The chocolates got my ‘quality’ checkbox ticked! E-MoneyMarketing seal of approval, if you will!


3. Up-sell

Initially, we weren’t too keen on buying the chocolates. But when the sales person got us hooked on the durian chocolate, the floodgates just opened.

Like a torrent of gushing water breaking past a dam!

Whatever that person recommends, we just bought.

What does this show?

When you get a person to commit on an initial sale, you can then easily up-sell him again…and again…and again.

One simple first product sale + up-sell + follow = DRAMATIC increase in profits!

FOLLOW UP! Always do!


4. Good distribution channel

A good quality product deserves good sales and distribution channels. You need awareness and exposure to let other knows your product actually exists and of course, the value it brings.

The taxi driver I mentioned earlier was obviously an affiliate of the chocolate boutique. He got a commission from the products we bought. And that incentive alone got him to bring us to the store.

Even though we did not request him to.

Very cunning. But that’s how marketing should be done.

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