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30 March 2010 @ 5am

Testing and Tracking

Small Change Big Impact Part 1

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image Do you know that you can have significant increase in revenue just by making seemingly “small changes” to your business?

Most people tend to think that if you want big results…you need big change! You need to spend big money! But that’s not entirely true!

If you know how to make the RIGHT change, you can still achieve great results even if it may just be a small tweak.

Let me tell you a story illustrating this concept.

I read about this story in one of Robert Cialdini’s presentation about how to be more persuasive.

Robert Cialdini is a world-renowned authority in the study of influence. He is also the best-selling author of "The Psychology of Influence".

And it goes like this.

There is a restaurant that takes advanced booking by phone. But there was a problem. There were many customers calling in to cancel at the last minute.

The thing is that the receptionist was trained to say “Thank you for calling our restaurant. Please call if you want to cancel your reservation” to all the customers making their booking.

Later, a small change was made to this statement. To be more precise, 2 extra words was added.

What was it?

Now, the receptionist says, “Thank you for calling our restaurant.

Will you please call if you want to cancel your reservation.”

That’s it. And because of these 2 extra words (“Will you"), there was a 30% reduction in cancellation.

What happened here?

Let me tell you, the restaurant just applied…

The Principle Of Consistency

…to reverse the trend.

We like to be consistent. And if someone points out any inconsistency in your behavior or actions…it will cause you to feel highly uncomfortable.

Therefore, when we insert the extra 2 words "Will you" into the question, it subconsciously tells the person on the other end, that now he has got to take responsibility.

He made the booking at first. And now he cancels. The receptionist wants him to know that he is being inconsistent. By using the word “you”, the person is now more aware of this fact.

Amazing isn’t it? The addition of just 2 words!

Can you apply this concept to your website’s sales copy to make it more persuasive? Definitely.

Test it. And you will see the result.

The next time you meet a client, see if you can implement this principle to get the other party to do what you want.

While you may not be succeed all the time, it will surely increase your odds.

In the next part, I will share with you another “weapon of influence” that can yield powerful results with just another small tweak.

All success,

Jag Foo

Jag Foo


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