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30 March 2010 @ 5am

Testing and Tracking

Small Change Big Impact Part 3

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Here’s another example of how a little tweak can effect a huge change.

In this case, we are going to talk about the power of consensus.
Or the power of the crowd.

How does this fit into the "small change big impact" theme? Let me explain…

There’s this product where buyers can call in to buy.

The product was advertised as an infomercial.
And the call-to-action line was "Call now and our operators will be there to serve you".

Well…the response was okay, but not fantastic.

So the call-to-action line was re-written and tested.

It now read, "Operators are busy. Please call back again later if the line is engaged".

Straight away, orders went through the roof!

Why was there such a big impact when the change to the call-to-action script is so small?

Because of the power of consensus!

In the first case, you get the mental picture that operators are free, and are probably twiddling their thumbs waiting for calls to come in.

But in the second case, the picture is that of busy operators who have their hands filled with orders.

And if everyone is buying it, then it probably is going to be a good product. So I must get it!

See the difference?

Yet another example that demonstrate the importance of:
- Constantly testing and tweaking for higher conversions
- Paying attention to the even the smallest of details. Because sometimes they make all the difference.

As usual, I love to hear your comments.

All success,

Jag Foo

Jag Foo


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